About Us


The Law Reform Commission was established by statute of 18th May 2007 by the Lagos State Law Reform Commission Law as amended on 30th January 2012. Its first Commission was constituted on March 12, 2012.The Law setting up the commission has been repealed with the passing of the Law Reform Commission Law of 2015

The Commission is an autonomous corporate body and:

1. Receives proposals for reform from the State Government and the general public;
2. Examines different branches of the Law for reform;
3. Prepares from time to time comprehensive programmes of consolidation and statute Law Revision and undertake the preparation of draft legislation for such programme for consideration of the State Executive Council or the State House of Assembly; and
4. Provides references particularly in areas of law, which the government through its policies wishes to be reviewed and reformed.

Mission Statement

To review and reform the law following consultative monitoring with a view to effecting necessary changes to make them modern, fair, just, efficient and accessible and in consonance with the prevailing social and moral values of Society.

Vision Statement
To ensure the existence of functional and effective laws which are in conformity with societal norms and values.